With over 30 years of experience working with Modern and Contemporary art, Scott Richards is dedicated to introducing art lovers and collectors to noteworthy paintings, sculpture, photography and limited edition works by artists of international renown. Specializing in acquisitions of works by contemporary masters, with an emphasis on Op and Pop Art, and operating two galleries with distinct contemporary programs provides Scott with rare insight. 

While offering expert assistance in building private and corporate art collections, Scott combines friendly guidance with professional education. Together with the dedicated team at Scott Richards Contemporary Art, Scott provides step-by-step guidance with acquisitions, advice on the contemporary art market, visits to art fairs and artists studios, coordination of framing and installation, and shipping logistics world-wide.

From residential to corporate and hospitality settings, we are happy to help you conduct the necessary research to purchase with assurance and locate cherished, notable works of art. 

Kindly provide more information if interested in finding out about our art consulting services.

a table in the office of art consultant, Scott Richards